Written By komugisha Anita

Do we have to go to Africa for our camping trip? I know we want the full camping experience, but are certain we want it to be in a dark place with no electricity? I think we need to tone down our wild west fantasies”, May said.

“Well I have no idea which kind of Africa you are talking about or which time period you are referring to, missy for you seem to speak of a time that is centuries old”, grandma retorted. And I don’t think you’ve heard of what the twenty seven year old Ugandan innovator, Geofrey Mutabazi is doing.

The man created an energy solutions company called “Charge Ko” in 2020. He’s making all sorts of beautiful things such as portable power banks and portable battery packs. See, with that battery pack of his, people like surveyors, journalists and tourists can power all their equipment without any worry.

I tell you, one can camp on Mount Kilimanjaro for a year and not get any frown lines from anxiety of whether they’ll have a black out. Even heavy gamers like your dad. One does not have to worry as the solar panels have renewable energy. And you know God graced Africa with abundant sunshine.

Don’t even get me started on those electric bicycles of his!!! Companies will be able to make deliveries to their customers faster and cheaper. When asked what drives him he said, “having the hope that you can make something out of your continent without following the world’s blue print”.

So yes May, we’ll go to Africa and enjoy it for you can’t miss out on such beautiful minds if anything we should talk more about them and hope they’ll get more financial support to make even better innovations. At least a wealthy relative might discover them. Since you seem to know very little about African brainiacs, I’ll have to tell you about Cameroon’s Arthur Zang and his Cardio pad. See, there’s someone healing hearts but that’s tomorrow’s story.


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