Serena Williams (The greatest black female tennis player )

Serena Williams is the greatest black female tennis player to ever live. She has been ranked in the World as number one in singles by Women’s Tennis Association . For those of you who don’t know who Serena Williams is might be living under a rear rock yet to be discovered by geologists but by the time you finish reading this blog you won’t be so clueless.Born Serena Jameaka Williams though commonly referred to as “Serena Williams” is an all rounder i.e she is an American professional tennis player ,great black achiever, mother, wife , entrepreneur and humanitarian born on September 26th 1981.

She begun her tennis journey at a tender age of 3 on a court near her home in Compton with the help of her dad Richard Williams who also doubled as a coach to her sister Venus and herself. Richard Williams signed up his daughters for many tournaments during this period that he moved his family to west palm beach Florida so that she would attend the tennis academy of Rick Macci who also provides her with additional coaching. With time Serena got better with her game and the two sisters signed to participate in various tournaments which boosted her confidence as she kept topping and in October 1995 at the age of 14 she Turned pro. she was born into a family of five sisters with her being the youngest of all her siblings. Serena was coached by her father Richard Williams and mother Oracene Price. Her father always made sure Serena made the right decisions during her tender age he always encouraged her to focus on school as much as she focused on her tennis training because he didn’t want his children to miss out on school and the wonderful experiences that come with being a child

Serena Williams has participated and won several games such as the Grand Slam cup in 1999, Australia open, French open, Wimbledon and US open. Through out her career she has managed to win 23 Grand Slam single titles from her matches, the most to have ever been achieved by any player in the open era, and the second most of all she is an Olympian with four gold medals to her name. Williams also won 14 major women’s doubles titles, all with her sister Venus, and the pair was unbeaten in Grand Slam doubles finals Serena carried on her legacy till her retirement in early September 2022.

Besides being a tennis goat Serena Williams is also a successful entrepreneur who has managed to set up her own clothing line “Serena” which celebrates body positivity and female empowerment. The idea to set up a clothing line could have been fueled by the racial and body shamming comments she has received from the public during the course of her entire career stating that “her physique is too masculine to participate in Tennis” but Serena always ignored them and she was very confident in her own skin hence pushing other women being put down about their looks to be confident and to be true to themselves. Serena is involved in various charities for example in 2006 she traveled to Ghana to take part in their biggest health campaign. In 2011 she became a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and in the same year she championed the UNICEF schools for African initiative by providing education to the most marginalized and vulnerable people.

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This article was posted by Letasi Thelma.


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